About us

Eco is a leading global provider of advanced cellphone accessories. The company focuses on the development and marketing of a variety of innovative peripheral products and accessories for the mobile market. Eco offers over a dozen top-quality products in the areas of:

Bluetooth accessories
Cellphone battery chargers
Vehicle cellphone charger & holder
Eco’s mission is to create technological solutions that make people’s everyday life easier, more efficient, and more convenient in both business and leisure occupations. Accordingly, each product is optimized for high quality, best performance and user-friendly design.

Eco is committed to technological innovation. The company is continually on the lookout for new technologies as they emerge, and strategically integrates new market trends.

Another of Eco’s values is maintaining a competitive price level in order to provide high value for money to its customers.

Eco creates top-quality cellular accessories at a competitive price. It is this combination that enables Eco to be a reputable and successful international provider with products sold in numerous countries on several continents worldwide.

Eco uses its core values as a basis for expanding its scope of activity to new product lines and horizons.